Music is for Everybody! Sing with Your Class

Music is for Everybody! Sing with Your Class

AMANDA BAUMANN - Nanjing International School


Session Audience:

Elementary School

Session Goals:

When classes sing together, they build community, strengthen literacy, and open up avenues for creativity. Teachers, even self-identified nonmusicians, can take a few simple steps to grow a rich and rewarding culture of daily singing in their classes.

Session Outcomes:

We will review lower-tech and higher-tech options for teaching new songs, fitting singing into the day, and involving students in your practice. Teachers will leave the workshop equipped with the attitudes and structures needed to go back to their classes and start singing on Monday.

Presenter Bio:

Amanda Baumann has taught “the class that sings” (grades three through five, mostly) in the U.S., Thailand, Mexico, India, and China.