Arrival Information 



Nanjing Lukou International Airport (NKG)

A taxi to the conference hotel or school is about RMB200.00 and takes about 1hour

Subway/Public Transport

Staton at the hotel : Suning HQ/ XuZhuang on Line 4

Station at the school : Xuezelu on Line 2

From Hotel to School by Subway : 12 mins. with one interchange at RMB2.0

From Airport to Hotel by Subway:  90 mins. with two – three interchanges at RMB8.00

It is best to download the app for Nanjing Subway to give you all the details and connections :

Apple :

Android :

Conference Hotel

Novotel Nanjing East Suning Hotel


江苏省南京市玄武区苏宁大道9号 邮政编码: 210042

9 Suning Road

Xuanwu District


The Chinese RMB (or Yuan, also known as CNY) is China’s currency. The exchange rate is approximately 7 RMB to the US Dollar, or 7.8 RMB to the Euro. China is relatively affordable for dining out or taking taxis in comparison to Western countries.

Exchange Options:

Money exchange services are readily available upon arrival in the airport. Beyond that you will find International ATM’s across the city.

Credit Card/ATM:

ATMs are generally fairly easy to find in most areas of Nanjing. Foreign credit cards are generally accepted, especially Visa and Mastercard. Cards like American Express are a little more risky.


Please be aware that certain internet restrictions apply within China.

NIS has a special dispensation in China, as a school for children of foreign experts, to be able to use an approved, commercial, Virtual Private Network to access websites all over the world for educational purposes. While public debate about current events and news can be seen as an educational opportunity, these are often nuanced conversations that can be misconstrued even if the debate is entered into with the best of intentions. In order to avoid anything that might be seen as offensive, we ask that all attendees please keep all social media posts to conference topics and purely educational discussions that advance the L2 spirit of participants being “a connector.”


If you need/want a SIM card, please purchase at the airport on arrival; HOWEVER, please note that this is not an easy process and you will need a passport and need to complete all sorts of paperwork.

AREA MAP with restaurants and stores near school and hotel


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