By Teachers, For Teachers means listening to teachers.

There are so many pressing questions to debate,  and concerns to consider. This year we are proud to introduce “L2Threads.”

What is it?
Protected time to get together and dig in to a question you’ve always wanted to do more with.

How will my voice be considered?
On registration –  add potential questions to our list, or vote for those you want to give priority to. Before start of conference choose your L2 Thread from the selection of the top 15-20 topics as developed through the voting platform.

Why is it?
We know that time is your most precious resource, and we want to make time for you to weave ideas together with educators from around the region. We know that conversation is a tool, and we value what many threads of questioning and discussion can mean for education.


1. What does wellness look like at your school?

2. How has the nature of tech integration and the role of coaching changed in your school? What does the future look like for these roles?
3. Agency vs Accountability – the what, how and why?
4. How do you handle effective parent / community education in your school?
5. How do we teach about race and discrimination in international schools?
6. In what ways is research transforming practice?
7. How are you seeing co-teaching delivered and what are great tips for making it work?
8. How is your school working to be more sustainable?
9. What are the best ways (and time-efficient) to curate and develop resources in a textbook free classroom?
10. What does Maker’s Ed look like at your school?


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