Extended Sessions

Select one for Friday & one for Saturday

Tanya LeClair

Communication Design – You don’t have to be a professional to design amazing communications

Whole School

Darnell Fine

Seeing Yourself: The First Step in Developing Culturally Sustaining Pedagogy

Whole School

Fang Wang

Cultivate an innovator’s mindset in a Chinese Language classroom

Whole School
Language : Mandarin
Two Day SessionĀ 

Gemma Dawson

The Feedback Frontier

Middle & High School

Ceci Gomez-Galvez

Empowering and Showcasing Student Voices

Whole School

Stephen Taylor

Factfulness, Global Ignorance & Inquiry: “Please Return Your Brain For A Free Upgrade”

Middle School & High School

Clint Carlson

Virtual and Augmented Experiences – Begin making VR & AR projects in your classroom on Monday

Whole School
Grade 3-12

Julie Lemley

Teaching and Learning for a Sustainable Future

Whole School

John Rinker

Learning to Play, Playing to Learn

Elementary & Middle School

Amanda Lenk

Play-based Pedagogies: Supporting Imaginative Engagement in HS

High School

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