Teaching and Learning for a Sustainable Future

Teaching and Learning for a Sustainable Future

We are all aware of environmental issues caused by human impact. Many of us have changed our own consumption, but how much do we incorporate it in our classes or help change our schools?  How can we share important information to students while giving them ownership of their learning and by providing authentic, student-driven action and learning experiences? Schools can be the leaders of change in our communities, whether it just be small change in our classrooms, improve a system in our school or a make a larger impact on our host city, country or world.

Session Audience:

Whole School

Session Goals:

Participants will learn more about tackling plastic pollution by changing consumption habits of their communities, learn how to recycle plastics to create useful items and learn how to create authentic learning experiences to positively impact their community.

Session Outcomes:

  • Explore types of plastics and closed loop manufacturing systems.
  • Explore different techniques for plastics recycling and sustainability practices.
  • Develop a plan, program or activity for more sustainable practices for a community.
  • Collaborate with other educators to share successful practices and projects.

Presenter Bio:

I am a product of two teachers and countless hours of tinkering around in a garage as a child. The past fourteen years, I have been learning, teaching and facilitating in international schools, following my passions and helping develop DESIGN and STEAM programs that are skill building, authentic and transdisciplinary.  I am interested in learning more about personalized learning, making, service learning and being a collaborator in a contemporary school with engaging learner driven experiences for the whole community.