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Note : If you have been in China in the past years for any other conference or travel you might still have a valid visa in your passport as many countries, including the US, issue 5-10 year visas. Do check !


To enter China, a visa is required for most visitors. Applying for a tourist visa is pretty simple and takes from 48 hours (express service) to 15 days. Cost of a tourist visa varies greatly between countries, and so does the length of the visa (from 30 days to 10yrs depending on passport).

Learning2 and NIS are unable to assist with Visa Applications. Participants should apply for a Tourist visa through their local Chinese Embassy usually by providing: 

  • Valid passport (The Chinese authorities require a valid passport with an expiration date over 6 months past the departure date from China)
  • Return Airline Ticket
  • Hotel Reservation

Important: Chinese embassies and consulates close during the National Holiday between the 1st and 6th of October, so plan your visa request accordingly.

Learning2 & NIS  will only be able to provide proof of registration but are unable to provide invitation letters.

You can get more information on how to apply for a Chinese Visa here:

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