Cultivate an innovator's mindset in a Chinese Language classroom

Cultivate an innovator's mindset in a Chinese Language classroom


As an IB workshop leader, it has been my privilege of working with a large group of passionate Chinese educators to contribute effective and creative practices in teaching Mandarin. Interestingly, Mandarin has been complimented as the hardest language to learn even though it is also the most widely spoken native language in the world. Mandarin Chinese is challenging for a number of reasons. With those identified or assumed challenges,  or perhaps low students engagement in class, some Chinese educators tend to look for teaching examples to follow rather than experimenting some new approaches or creating new approaches by connecting and collaborating with the practitioners working in other disciplines or having experiences in the areas of education that we are not familiar with. My workshop is to craft a journey with the participants together to reflect on the readiness of being an innovator as a practitioner in education and of exploring innovative approaches so that some innovative hands-on approaches in teaching Mandarin can be built collectively in two sessions.

Session Audience:

Whole School – 2 Day session (Friday & Saturday)
Language: Mandarin

Session Goals:

The two sessions are structured as attending an experiment lab. We share, we discuss, we create, we experiment, we reflect and we keep moving forward.

Session Outcomes:

Reflect on the readiness of being an innovator in teaching Mandarin
Identify the challenges to stop us from creating innovative approaches to learning Mandarin?
Create a hands-on innovative toolbox collectively in teaching and learning Mandarin
Experiment some innovative teaching strategies in the workshop
Bring an action plan back to school and keep contributing to an on-going collaborative project via an online networking platform

Presenter Bio:

Fang is from Beijing, and she has been working in IB World schools in Beijing, Hong Kong, Jakarta and Bangkok since 2000. Fang is currently working at NIST International School as a Chinese Language Teacher for the Secondary Language Acquisition. In the past nineteen years, Fang has been working for three IB programmes in the different school systems from a prestigious local school, a private school, and renowned international schools. With the working experiences gained from being a Chinese Language Teacher, a Team Leader, a principal overseeing Chinese Program and Head of Department, Fang has grown up into an international educator with the deep understanding of language programs across the PYP, the MYP and the DP. Fang believes that working collaboratively among languages always bring an inspiring outcome through common planning and shared pedagogy practices. Fang is also an MYP/DP Workshop Leader, an IB School Visit Team Member/Team Leader/Consultant and an IB field representative.