Virtual and Augmented Experiences - Begin Making VR & AR Projects in your Classroom on Monday

Virtual and Augmented Experiences - Begin Making VR & AR Projects in your Classroom on Monday

The time to bring true VR and AR making into your schools and classrooms is today!Virtual and Augmented Reality experiences are creating vast new spaces to create, interact with the world, and collaborate with each other like never before. These powerful tools have the potential to transform how students demonstrate learning in ways far outside the constraints size, cost, danger, and distances.

You likely have a 1:1 VR program in your school right now! We will explore a range of low-barrier tools to bring VR and AR into your school the day you return from Learning2 quickly and at little to no cost by harnessing the opportunity of student mobile devices. 

Session Audience:

Whole School – This session is for ANY subject teacher working with students grade 3-12
AR/VR is expanding learning and demonstration of learning for all subjects at nearly all grade levels.

Session Goals:

  • Workflows to begin your schools VR program on Monday
  • Planning collaborative projects that work across grade-levels, subjects, and geographical location of our schools
  • A clear understanding of VR/AR terminology and the path this technology is driving in our world and schools

Session Outcomes:

  • Participants will have hands-on experience making a collaborative Learning2 VR Block Party celebrating L2!
  • Participants will understand the upcoming impact and opportunity of VR/AR in our world and education
  • Participants will generate a list of VR projects they can bring to their school and start on Monday
  • Participants will plan and develop ideas for students to work collaboratively together, breaking down the walls between our schools.

Presenter Bio:

Clint Carlson is the Director of Education Technology at the Istanbul International Community School. He has been leading a powerful Virtual/Augmented Reality program across all grades and subjects to better enhance student demonstration of learning through new ways to make, communicate, and engage students in ways never before possible.

Prior to IICS, Clint was the Assistant Director of Technology at the American Embassy School in New Delhi, India where he pivoted his career into education. Pre-Ed Tech, Clint had a variety of experiences as a communications manager with the World Health Organization, digital marketing/web development in the 3D printing industry, and editing/special effect work in the film industry.

Clint is passionate about education being the “source code” for improving our global community through innovative problem solving, collaboration, and altruism via technology integration into all areas of life-long learning.