Empowering and Showcasing Student Voices

Empowering and Showcasing Student Voices

“Our job is to create rooms filled with students’ voices.  Not be the main voice.” ~ Pernille Ripp

Join me for a deep exploration of tools to empower, amplify and champion student voices of all ages, backgrounds and mother tongues.

We will go over the importance of amplifying and empowering student voice for all students, including English language learners who must identify in all aspects with a language that is not their first. We will explore the use of Flipgrid, podcasting and social media to create platforms for students to reflect, showcase and share their learning journeys, as well as express their true selves to various audiences.

Session Audience:

Whole School

Session Goals:

  • Reflect on the importance of empowering student voice
  • Explore different platforms that could allow for students to share their voices to global audience

Session Outcomes:

  • Look at student samples of different projects that target the amplification of student voices.
  • Explore the different tools (Flipgrid, Podcasts, Social Media platforms) and how to use them to create opportunities to share.
  • Create your own samples to be ready for rollout with your groups of learners.

Presenter Bio:

As an EAL teacher & coach, I am involved in creating and co-creating learning opportunities for our learners’ voices to be amplified.