Learning to Play, Playing to Learn

Learning to Play, Playing to Learn

Play is an essential aspect of the human experience. Through play, children learn divergent thinking, creative problem-solving skills, and self-regulation. Play increases their attention and language skills. And yet, a sense of playfulness can be one of the first casualties in curriculum-driven classrooms. My workshop will explore the importance of preserving play in all learning experiences, and we will look into ways of doing so.

Session Audience:

Elementary, Middle school, Design and STEM/STEAM, School leaders, Tech coaches, coordinators, integrators, etc

Session Goals:

  • To understand that play is essential to learning.
  • To understand the elements of play.
  • To recognize learning experiences that incorporate these elements.

Session Outcomes:

  • Experience learning imbued with play
  • Be able to design playful learning experiences

Presenter Bio:

An international teacher and Apple Distinguished Educator with more than 28 years experience, John has been using tools, both analog and digital, most of his life to make cool things. He is inspired to leverage the best that technology has to offer in creating meaningful educational challenges and experiences for each of his students. His DIY mindset challenges him to look at problems in novel ways and to create imaginative solutions. John loves teaching because he gets to hang around with kids who are inclined towards creativity, invention, and play.