Linda Eide & Ed Hagen - Team Teaching: Shared Spaces, Shared Students, Shared Practices

Linda Eide & Ed Hagen - Team Teaching: Shared Spaces, Shared Students, Shared Practices

Learning Communities, Team Teaching, Learning Hubs…there are many different terms and phrases to describe the changes happening in many classrooms. Schools all over the world are endeavouring to create learning situations and spaces that promote collaborative teaching and learning. Breaking down walls physically and metaphorically enables students to access more individualised learning experiences, and for teachers, promotes a context for rich professional learning. Team teaching can meet the needs of diverse learners by harnessing the flexibility of: space, human resources, and time.

This session will support participants who are seeking more collaborative structures in their classrooms and schools. We will learn how collaboration can support teachers and learners. Our session will examine ways to use data to create flexible groups in larger learning communities. We will discuss logistical and management structures. We will explore the dynamics involved in close collegial relationships within these collaborative settings.

Session Audience:

Whole School – Participants are encouraged to attend with their co/team-teacher

Session Outcomes:

Learn about a variety of instructional models for collaboration, and how this looks at International School of Bangkok

  • Explore ways to collect and organise data for larger groups of learners
  • Understand logistical and management structures in larger learning contexts
  • Explore how to nurture and support relationships with colleagues who share responsibility for a large group of learners
  • Discuss how learning spaces can be created and managed
  • Develop and make plans for collaboration in their individual contexts

Presenter Bio:

Throughout her 20+ years of teaching in Seattle, Manila, Beijing, Singapore and now Bangkok, Linda has actively sought out collaborative situations to support student learning and her own professional growth. She was instrumental in starting the team teaching culture at International School Bangkok, and is keen to encourage and coach others in how collaborative structures can support both students and teachers.

As a lifetime elementary school teacher, Ed has experienced a variety of settings and schools.  Before moving to Bangkok, Ed formerly taught in Denver and Shanghai. He is passionate about engaging students in their learning through the use of digital tools and media. He loves being creative and inspiring creativity in his students.  Strong collaboration has been at the heart of his most recent work. He believes that student choice mobilises learners to do their best and love learning every day.