Johanna Schooley - Slimming the Innards of the Library into Student Learning

Johanna Schooley - Slimming the Innards of the Library into Student Learning


Have you ever thought about what the impact on Student Learning would be if you dropped a ball of Slime on top of your school’s library learning environment and pushed its innards into all that happens within the school? This session will have you, in a very hands on way, delve into your own school’s library, discover the student learning potentials and natural curriculum connections that live inside.

Before arriving you will have explored all facets of your own school library and know the pathways to access physical and digital resources within your institution. In hand you will have curriculum documents, that as an educator, you are using to guide your instructional practice. These documents will serve as your background knowledge, and foundation to analyze and dig into all the facets of your school library and discover the collaboration and integration possibilities that can positively impact student learning, the school community and more.

This workshop will have you constructing your own interpretation of your school’s library facility – whatever that may be, making slime, which you will watch ooze from your construction into all that happens within your school.  As an educator you will leave the session with at least one, if not more, ways to walk into your school library the directly following the workshop and integrate and collaborate with all that lives inside your library learning space.

Session Audience:

Whole School : Administrators, Teachers and Librarians of schools are encouraged to attend together.

Session Goals:

The goal of this session is for educators to walk away with specific ideas on how to integrate/collaborate with at least one aspect of the innards of their school library into a current or upcoming curriculum unit.  They should also be able to reflect upon how the innards of their school library would better be able to ooze into all that happens within the school community.

Session Outcomes:

  • Discover what is inside your own school’s library.
  • Create your interpretation of your school’s library and SLIME it out into your school..
  • Analyze the innards of your own school library and make connections with your own curriculum on how to Collaborateand Integrate with what lives inside to improve student learning in your classroom.
  • Think and reflect on better ways to bring what lives in the school library learning space into the curriculum to improve student learning.

Presenter Bio:

Johanna Schooley has been a librarian worldwide, from the Dominican Republic to China and places in between.  She has been an educator at all levels and curriculums. In every facility in which she been an educator she has worked to create inspiring  library learning spaces that allow for students, faculty and the community to connect, collaborate, learn, create, reflect or just be. She offers a wide variety of expertise on thinking how libraries should be perceived and seep into school environments outside the four structured walls thus allowing for better student learning connections between the classroom and the library.