Why & How to Organize a TEDx Event at Your School

Why & How to Organize a TEDx Event at Your School

JAVIER BAHILO - Nanjing International School


Session Audience:

Whole School

Session Goals:

Participants will learn the different TEDx events that can be organized. They will also reflect on how the organization of such an event can enhance their school mission and vision.

Session Outcomes:

  • Discuss what type of TEDx event suits their school best.
  • Unpack and start the application process.
  • Create a network among participants which can provide them with support while preparing and organizing the event.

Presenter Bio:

Javier was born and raised in Valencia, Spain. After twenty years of teaching in his home country, now he teaches MYP/DP Spanish at Nanjing International School. His passion to be inspired by people and new ideas led him to organize his first TEDxYouth event in Beijing two years ago. He also embraced the many ins and outs that such an event has as a team member in the TEDxYouth@NIS 2019 edition. Javier loves adventure. He considers himself a traveler, not a tourist. Javier enjoys any kind of artistic expression, hiking, swimming, reading graphic novels. His Spanish paellas are phenomenal!