Coaching Essentials

Coaching Essentials

DIANA BEABOUT - American School of Guangzhou


Session Audience:

Whole School

Session Goals:

Coaching in an educational setting comes in a variety of forms and structures but there are essentials that create meaningful and effective coaching experiences for all those involved. Whether you are new to coaching or have experience, this session is an opportunity to take time to explore and reflect on important aspects of coaching and consider next steps in growing professionally.

Session Outcomes:

  • Explore and discuss different aspects of coaching in an educational setting including purpose, mindset, relationships, communication and collaboration.
  • Add resources and strategies to their coaching toolkit -build their PLN (professional learning network) with recommended and shared connections

Presenter Bio:

Diana is an international educator with over 20 years experience as a teacher, mentor and coach in the United States, Japan, China and Qatar. Her participation in the the COETAIL (Certificate of Educational Technology and Information Literacy) program sparked a new, excited interest in the impact of technology on education which led to new opportunities for her in professional sharing and support at her schools and beyond. In addition to her role as an innovation/tech coach at American International School of Guangzhou, she is facilitator and mentor for The Coach microcredential at Eduro Learning. Although her main professional focus is facilitating the learning and growth of students and educators, Diana is a self-professed lifelong learner and appreciates any opportunity to enhance her own understanding and experience.