It’s Not Rocket Science! Exploring Computer Science Experiences in the Elementary School

It’s Not Rocket Science! Exploring Computer Science Experiences in the Elementary School

Coding. Everyone is talking about it. Experts are saying that we need to teach our kids to code to prepare them for jobs of the future. Many people say that computational thinking is now just as important as knowing how to read. If computational thinking is an essential skill for future careers, how can we ensure that all our students are exposed to these skills? How is the average teacher supposed to learn about coding and robots?

Come explore how you can teach Computer Science concepts through coding unplugged (offline activities). In addition to unplugged physical coding activities, we’ll delve into some user-friendly coding apps and play with robots to get your feet wet. You’ll feel empowered to try out Computer Science activities in your classroom and explore possibilities for connecting coding experiences to Maths, Language, Writing, and Approaches to Learning. We’ll explore ways to make the connection between your current curriculum and Computer Science experiences so that you can better prepare your students to excel in this fast changing world!

Session Audience:

Elementary teachers, Technology & Innovation coaches, coordinators, integrators etc, Instructional Coaches, Early Childhood Educators

Session Goals:

  • Feel  comfortable bringing coding and robotics experiences into their own classrooms
  • Gain a greater understanding of the key concepts involved in coding
  • Identify connections between Computer Science and common curriculum areas
  • Find ways to integrate Computer Science concepts and skills in future lessons

Session Outcomes:

  • Explore user-friendly Computer Science resources for the Early Childhood and Elementary classroom
  • Engage in learning experiences involving coding unplugged, coding online and robotics
  • Develop a greater understanding of the basic concepts of coding
  • Connect Computer Science concepts to common curriculum areas

Presenter Bio:

Cheryl Terry is an Elementary Learning Innovation Coach at NIST International School in Bangkok. She has 15 years of experience working in international schools in Thailand, China, Belgium, and Hong Kong. Cheryl is a CoETaIL graduate and is pursuing her training to become an agency trainer in Cognitive Coaching. After 20 years of classroom experience, she is now working to support innovation in schools. Cheryl is passionate about using technology to transform learning, as well as creating self-directed learners and developing metacognition practices in the classroom. She has led workshops and given presentations on ‘Creating Self-Directed Learners’, ‘Metacognition and Mindfulness’, ‘Transforming Learning Through Technology’, ‘Creating Digital Portfolios’, ‘Parenting in the Digital Age’ and ‘Leading and Sustaining Innovation in Schools’, as well as co-teaching Cognitive Coaching workshops.

As a Learning Innovation Coach in the Elementary School at NIST International School, Cheryl has been working alongside teachers to design learning experiences that introduce elements of Computer Science to students from Early Childhood through to Grade 5. Cheryl is currently working with teachers to find meaningful ways to incorporate coding and robotics into curriculum areas.