Developing assessment capable learners

Developing assessment capable learners

GARETH JACOBSON - Nanjing International School


Session Audience:

Elementary School & Middle School

Session Goals:

Strengthen participant’s connections between reflection and assessment. Promote student agency through assessment and feedback. Explore strategies to develop student driven inquires. Build understanding of emergent approaches to curriculum.

Session Outcomes:

  • Case study.
  • Collaborative dialogue.
  • Visible thinking / protocol.
  • Reflection

Presenter Bio:

Gareth Jacobson currently works at Nanjing International School as Coordinator of Data for Inclusion. He is also an international education consultant. Gareth has worked as a teacher, trainer and administrator in a variety of international school settings (UK, Bahamas, Sri Lanka,Thailand, Bangladesh, Tanzania and Italy), and developed a broad and knowledgeable perspective of teaching and learning within global contexts. Gareth continues to work as a PYP IB workshop leader and school visitor and has also worked on adult educational development projects with NGOs in Kenya and Sri Lanka. Gareth’s passion within education centres around the diverse applications of children’s inquiry. Fundamental to his philosophy and practice of education is empowering students to be leaders of their own learning, through constructivist and transdisciplinary approaches that foster collaboration and creativity within the learning environment.