Meditation 2 Learn

Meditation 2 Learn

Research in Neuroscience, more specifically on the Vagus nerve, shows that breathing and meditation improves the way we perceive things and paves the way for thoughtful reflection. Ultimately meditation trains students and teachers to take more mindful action, and to make the most of learning opportunities.

So then…can we use meditation as a tool for teaching and learning?

This session will explore the ways I’ve done just that in the past two decades with children of all ages: from Kindergarten to Graduates, and even with adult students in college and prison.

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Mainly the Matrix 1: The Big Picture…

Session Audience:

High School

Session Goals:

This session will allow you to rehearse methods to engage with meditation in the classroom. You will develop your ability to use meditation to transform your classroom culture using exercises that take just minutes.

Session Outcomes:

Explore breathing and Yoga techniques that activate the Vagus nerve and can help us to meditate
Develop meditation as a tool to embed into lessons
Transfer practical activities to remix and reuse in your lessons next week

Presenter Bio:

I started teaching in Argentina at the age of 20 while I was completing my engineering studies in the State University. I covered many different subjects, but mainly Maths and Science. In the last 20 years I dedicated myself to Physics and Mindfulness. Preparing students for International exams (IGCSE-IB) in different countries (Uruguay, Argentina, Bahamas and Singapore). The most powerful experience I had as a teacher was working with adults in Maximum Security Prisons (for 10 years). It was there that I had the freedom to explore different ways of teaching Maths and Science from scratch to people that had very little access to education. In those years I discovered the power of meditation, not just to reduce stress but also to improve long term learning. Today, I am part of a big Science team in the United World College, contributing to concept based teaching and learning and also to the PSE program (Personal and Social Education). Honestly, I see the subjects that I teach as mere excuses to spend time with the students, my ultimate goal is to help them control the mind. I believe that is the biggest problem in life.