Using Technology to Support EAL Students in the Mainstream Classroom

Using Technology to Support EAL Students in the Mainstream Classroom

RICKI MILLEVOLTE - Saigon South International School


Session Audience:

Whole School

Session Goals:

The goals for this workshop include identifying the importance and types of academic language, discussing research-based strategies that support student learning in inquiry-based and traditional classrooms, and exploring different apps that can be used to scaffold language development throughout the day.

Session Outcomes:

Learners will identify what types of academic language they expect their students to know and create goals for integrating new strategies and technologies into their classrooms to assist EAL learners access their program content.

Presenter Bio:

Ricki has been an Elementary Classroom teacher for 15 years (8 international) as both a classroom teacher and EAL Specialist. She has loved the challenges (and joys) of helping to make different kinds of international curriculum accessible to EAL learners over the years, and is excited to participate in Learning 2.0 again . Ricki is a certified teacher trainer of “Teaching Young Children in English in a Multilingual Context” and has participated in the WIDA International Institute in her hometown of Madison, Wisconsin. She will gladly discuss anything Midwestern, cheese, or isthmus related.