Communication Design - You don't have to be a professional to design amazing communications

Communication Design - You don't have to be a professional to design amazing communications

“Good communication doesn’t just happen. It is the result of good design”  – Stephen Few

We all send and receive messages on a daily basis. Email, newsletters, blog posts, presentations…but are we thinking about how we design them so that our message is effective?

As a coach, I am always designing communications for my whole school and the wider community. Email updates, blog posts, digital newsletters, and visual presentations. This constant need to communicate information had me thinking about how I could leverage design tools to make my messages attractive and clear.

In this session, we will be exploring the concept of communication design and how we can use the same principles in our profession that marketing professionals use to develop attractive and effective communications.

Session Audience:

Whole School

Session Goals:

Both educators and admin will come away with a greater understanding of design principles and how they can create communications that engage their audience. They will level up their presentation design skills and learn about sending attractive and visual messages that clearly reflect who they are as professionals.

Session Outcomes:

  • Explore design principles and how they apply to various communication platforms
  • Discuss tips, strategies, and approaches to communicating with different stakeholders in the school community
  • Create using some great design tools
  • Take-away a toolbox of resources to use when designing presentations and digital communications

Presenter Bio:

I am moving into a position as whole school Digital Learning Coach for Seoul Foreign School in 2019. I have been a coach for 3 years and before that I was a classroom teacher.

I have always loved design, and often use digital tools to create various types of communication and presentations. Graphic design is a passion of mine and I also enjoy building websites and educational resources for teachers and students.